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Red Jasper Crystal Christmas Tree Bauble

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Red Jasper Crystal Christmas Tree Bauble

Red Jasper is a form of Chalcedony, which in turn is a form of Quartz.  It comes in a large variety of different patterns and colours.

Red Jasper is an ancient and sacred stone that has held meaning throughout dozens of cultures since the beginning of human existence. Many civilisations have used it for jewellery, seals and carvings.

Red Jasper is a stone for good health and physical strength. It is said to reduce fatigue, stimulate energy and increase stamina.

Red Jasper makes an excellent “worry stone,” calming the mind and bringing tranquillity to turbulent emotions. It is a good stone for setting and strengthening your emotional boundaries and cleanses the aura of negative vibrations.

Red Jasper is a valuable stone of protection.  It guards against physical threats and assists in situations of danger. Keep in the car to prevent accidents, theft or road rage, and place in the home or office to absorb electromagnetic and environmental pollution and radiation. 

Jasper also aligns all of the chakras and can be used in chakra balancing and layouts. Red Jasper is aligned with the Base or Root chakra, grounding you into the stability and strength of the Earth’s vibrations. 

A clear plastic bauble filled with real Red Jasper crystal chips and finished with a luxury velvet ribbon tie.

Perfect to pretty up any Christmas tree!

Approximately 60mm.

The price is for a single bauble.

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