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Natural Pink Tourmaline In Matrix Chunks

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Natural Pink Tourmaline In Matrix Chunks

Pink Elbaite Tourmaline (also referred to as Rubellite) is found in varying shades, from pale pink to deep, almost ruby, pink.

Pink Tourmaline has a feminine energy and is a stone of love, compassion, emotional healing and self love.

It helps to calm ones emotions in times of distress and is the perfect stone to carry if you suffer from daily bouts of anxiety.

It is also a very loving and protective stone for children.

Pink Tourmaline is such a strong healing stone due to it commonly being formed within Quartz masses.

These beautiful Pink Tourmaline chunks are available in 5 options:

Option A: 55mm x 40mm x 30mm, 53g

Option B: 55mm x 40mm x 25mm, 52g

Option C: 55mm x 35mm x 25mm, 41g

Option D: 40mm x 35mm x 35mm, 52g

Option E: 45mm x 35mm x 25mm, 32g

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