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Raw Black Kyanite Blades (Witches Brooms)

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Raw Black Kyanite Blades (Witches Brooms)

Kyanite is most commonly found in it's blue form but also exists in black, green and orange varieties.

Black Kyanite is unique in appearance as it crystallizes in the form of “fan-like” blades that resemble witches brooms. Kyanite blades can reach nearly half a foot in length!

Most of the Black Kyanite on the market comes directly from the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, although there are other important localities within Burma, South Africa, and India.

Tales that hint at the meaning of Black Kyanite can be found running through history in many stories about the archangel Michael. Legend has it that his sword is made from Black Kyanite, and this sword is legendary for its strength and miraculous powers. For example, it’s mentioned in the Roman tale of Michael who appears with his sword over the grave of Hadrian during a plague. 

Archangel Michael and his Black Kyanite sword also appear throughout the Old and New Testament, the Quran, and in even very esoteric writings.

Black Kyanite has a high vibrational energy that can help you lead a more balanced, stable and grounded life. It is considered to be one of the best crystals for protection and grounding by many experienced crystal healers.

Black Kyanite is an amazing all-around healing stone. While it has very powerful spiritual and metaphysical connections to a person’s aura, this stone is also used by healers for its incredible potential to heal emotionally and physically. 

This stone has healing properties that are thought to provide auric protection, relieve stress and anxiety, aid in etheric cord cutting rituals, and help heal issues with bones and connective tissue.

Black Kyanite does not need to be cleansed thus it makes a superb crystal to cleanse and amplify other crystals.  It can also be used to cleanse your space or your being. It is certainly a stone that every crystal enthusiast should have.

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