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Protection Collection Crystal Kit

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Protection Collection Crystal Kit

I have curated this collection of beautiful crystals with PROTECTION in mind!  

Each kit includes:

1 x 50-60mm Rough selenite chunk - Promotes peace and calm

1 x Smokey Quartz polished tumblestone - Neutralises negative vibrations

1 x Rainbow Flourite polished tumblestone - Promotes self confidence

1 x Black Obsidian polished tumblestone - Aids in overcoming fear 

1 x Amethyst polished tumblestone - Relieves stress and anxiety

1 x Tigers Eye polished tumblestone - Promotes trust

1 x Clear Quartz polished tumblestone - Balances all planes

1 x Information Card

1 x Gift Box

Please note: The crystals within each kit will vary in size and shape to the ones in the photograph. Please also be aware that Selenite scratches very easily so the plate may have some minor imperfections.