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Polished Sodalite Puff Heart

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Polished Sodalite Puff Heart

Sodalite is characterised by its royal blue colouration and white streaks and swirls.  It is often confused with lapis lazuli.  However lapis lazuli contains pyrite whilst sodalite does not.

Although blue is the most common colour, sodalite can also be found in shades of pink, yellow or green.

Sodalite works with the throat chakra and helps to communicate feelings and improve listening and speaking skills.  It is a great stone for anyone involved in theatre, performing or public speaking.  It enhances self esteem, self acceptance and self trust.

Sodalite increases wisdom and insight, stimulates ideas, perceptions and creative expression.

It is also a stone that brings balance, order and calm to the mind.  It encourages rational thought, objectivity, truth and intuition.

There are 5 options available:

Option A: 30mm x 30mm, 15g.

Option B: 40mm x 35mm, 33g.

Option C: 50mm x 40mm, 47-48g. (x2)

Option D: 50mm x 40mm, 52g.

Option E:  50mm x 40mm, 58g.