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Sparkly Polished Pink Amethyst Heart On Metal Stand

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Sparkly Polished Pink Amethyst Heart On Metal Stand

Pink amethyst is considered rare as it is a newly discovered form of quartz from Patagonia, Argentina, thus it is expensive to buy

The colour of pink amethyst comes from inclusions of hematite and iron inside the quartz points and it ranges from pale lilac/pink to a deeper toned peachy/pink.  

This beautiful pink crystal has a soft but powerful feminine energy. It connects to the heart chakra bringing emotional balance and peace and aiding in becoming more accepting of yourself and others.  

Almost all of the properties of pink amethyst seek to fill the heart with love at all times, which is not a common attribute for any form of amethyst. 

Pink amethyst also boosts intuition, giving you a heightened sense of truth and bringing clarity.

It is also a neutralizer of anxiety and a reliever of stress.

This beautiful sparkly polished pink amethyst heart comes complete with a metal stand but it can also be displayed on its own.

It would make an absolutely beautiful gift for any occasion.  

Heart approximately 130mm x 120mm x 23mm.

Stand approximately 90mm tall.

Approximately 120mm tall when mounted.

Weight: 616g.

Pink amethyst geode clusters are also available to buy.