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Polished Unakite Sphere

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Polished Unakite Sphere

Unakite is also known as Unakite Jasper.  It is composed of Green Epidote, Pink Feldspar and colourless Quartz. It has a distinctive pink and green appearance.

It’s name derives from the location it was discovered, the Unaka Mountains in western North Carolina, U.S. Unakite can also be found in South Africa.

Unakite is said to heal the heart and mind when we feel disconnected, since it connects our heart with the heart of nature. Meditating with Unakite can help you to connect with the natural world and the land. 

Unakite is connected to the heart chakra and has an energy of love. It encourages healthy relationships, both in love and business.

It is a balancing stone, helping to balance all aspects of the self; emotional, spiritual and mental, allowing you to feel more centred and grounded. 

Unakite aids in the deeper understanding and balancing of the emotional body, allowing you to let go of any negative emotions that you may be holding onto.  It is also believed to help release energy blockages that may be inhibiting your growth, encouraging you to live in the present rather than in the past. This can be especially helpful when dealing with grief.

Unakite is also said to be helpful for the reproductive system and pregnancy. It is said to help with fertility, morning sickness, and labour. It may also help with conception and aid in a healthy pregnancy.

These beautiful mini spheres measure approximately 30mm and make the perfect pocket crystal.

The sphere shape allows the crystal to radiate energy in every direction at once. 

The price shown is for one sphere and each sphere will be chosen intuitively.

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