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Rare Polished Green Blossom (Flower) Jasper Puff Heart

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Rare Polished Green Blossom (Flower) Jasper Puff Heart

Green Blossom (Flower) Jasper is beautiful African jasper with creamy pink flowers on a field of green Jasper.

Mother Earth is simply amazing as the distinct flowers in this Jasper look like cherry blossoms.  

Green Blossom (Flower) Jasper has a calming and nurturing energy that promotes stability, safety and security and is a wonderful stress reliever. 

Green Blossom (Flower) Jasper is a stone of protection, regeneration, and general healing.  It is known to be a potent detoxifier and immune system booster.

Approximately 55mm x 55mm x 25mm.

Weight: 77-85g.

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