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Palo Santo Cleansing Wood Sticks

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Palo Santo Cleansing Wood Sticks

Palo Santo is the wood from a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America and has a literal translation in Spanish as "Holy Wood".

Palo Santo wood is one of the most fragrant woods in the world and has a scent of pine, mint and lemon.  

The smoke of burning palo santo is known to bring healing and good fortune and so it is used as an energy cleanser.  It replaces negative energy with healing energy. 


Light the palo santo and burn for 30 seconds before gently blowing out the flame. Pass the smoke over anything you wish to cleanse.

Approximately 100mm.

The price shown is for a single palo santo stick. 

Palo santo can also be purchased in the palo santo jar gifts or as part of the cleansing kits.