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Polished New Jade (Serpentine) Palm Stone

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Polished New Jade (Serpentine) Palm Stone

New jade is also known as serpentine.  

It is a stone of protection that dispels negative energy and attracts positive energy.

New jade provides a clearing of thought to better facilitate meditation. It helps to clear any energy blockages within the chakra's and stimulates Kundalini energy, allowing for deep spiritual upgrades.

This stone corrects emotional imbalances and can help you be less sensitive to the opinions of others.

New jade is also cleansing and detoxifying and can boost sexual energy and fertility.

Palm stones are designed to fit into the palm of your hand and have a lovely tactile shape. They can be used in lots of ways and are beautiful enough to display at home.

Lay these palm stones on the skin, use them to focus energy, carry them with you or simply hold the stone to feel its energy. 

Approximately 70mm x 50mm, 108g.

Each palm stone will be chosen intuitively.

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