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Men's Handmade Howlite Bracelet

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Men's Handmade Howlite Bracelet

Crafted by hand, this sleek Howlite bracelet features 10 sterling silver accent beads for a touch of sophistication. The simple design enhances any outfit and is a must-have accessory for any modern man.

Howlite was discovered in the mid 19th Century in Canada and named after Henry How, the Geologist who found it.

It is often confused with Magnesite as they have have a similar appearance.  Likewise, Howlite is often dyed to imitate other crystals, particularly Turquoise.

Howlite is my go to crystal. 

It is a powerful crystal in its natural white state.  It is regarded as a very calming crystal and one which relieves stress and anxiety, dispels anger and rage and clears mind chatter.  It is both calming physically and aesthetically.

Howlite is regarded as an excellent crystal for meditation and sleep and being a long standing sufferer of insomnia myself, I can highly recommend Howlite to the over thinkers who simply can't switch off at night.

It is a magical stone!

Whilst the bracelets are made with double elastic so have some stretch, the bracelets in the photographs were made to fit the average UK mans wrist size of 7.5 inches (19cm).  If you would like a different size making, please do let me know when you place your order (otherwise you will receive one at the stated size).

Each bracelet comes complete with a branded jewellery box.

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