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Lava Stone, Mookaite And Yellow Jade Pumpkin Bracelet

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Lava Stone, Mookaite And Yellow Jade Pumpkin Bracelet

Lava stone comes from the root of the earth.  It balances the root chakra and has grounding properties that brings a feeling of security, positivity, and divine earthly love. It brings balance to the root stimulating energy flow, and manifesting creativity.

Whilst it's energy can be intense, it is also calming.  Lava stone will aid anyone on their journey to remain calm and keep moving forward through adversity.  It is an excellent aid for managing stress and anxiety.

It is also a great stone to wear as you can add essential oils to the lava stone beads as they are a natural oil diffuser. Thus if you suffer from stress and anxiety, I would suggest adding Lavender oil to them.

Mookaite is said to be a grounding stone that you keeps you well focused whilst soothing the mind and quietening distracting thoughts.

It is also said to aid in building your self esteem, helping you to realise your self worth and full potential.

It is a stone of creativity that boosts new ideas and new perceptions and it will help you to see clearly.

Yellow Jade will bring light and joy into your life. It facilitates balance and helps you to achieve emotional stability.

It is a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and good luck in many cultures around the world. 

With the light that it brings, Yellow Jade can help us to combat darkness and negativity and protect us from harm.

This beautiful handmade bracelet will bring protection, grounding, calm, good fortune and creativity.

It will also add some fun to your jewellery and/or Halloween collection!

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