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Large Polished Zebra Jasper Sphere

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Large Polished Zebra Jasper Sphere

Zebra Jasper is the name given to a mottled black and white jasper.  The most common form of zebra jasper is white with black stripes but it can also be found with red and beige tones or red and brown stripes.

This high powered crystal has been used by natural healers since the time of the Greeks and Romans.

Zebra Jasper is a powerful grounding stone and is often referred to as 'The Stone Of Balance'.  It brings positivity and helps to attract new opportunities and success. It is known to lift the mood, foster optimism, create compassion and reduce stress and anxiety. 

Using this crystal during meditation can bring you incredible equilibrium between your yin and yang and connect you to the spirit realm.

The sphere shape allows the crystal to radiate energy in every direction at once.

I have two of these beautiful spheres available:

Option A: 65mm, 451g

Option B: 70mm, 510g

All spheres come with a complimentary plastic sphere stand.

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