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Large Mangano Calcite Tumblestone

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Large Mangano Calcite Tumblestone

Mangano Calcite is a soft pink colour often found with white banding. The pink colour of it comes from Manganese.

It is strongly UV reactive and when under a UV light, it will fluoresce a bright orange-pink colour. 

Mangano Calcite is a Heart Chakra stone.  It promotes unconditional love and is a true healer and balancer of the heart. 

It is a gentle but powerful healer of the emotions, including deep seated fear, anger, grief and trauma. It can help to boost self acceptance, self worth and self love and bring forgiveness, peace and wellbeing.

When I lost my beloved cat Twinkle, Mangano Calcite was one of the first crystals that I turned to in aiding with my grief.

Each tumblestone will be chosen intuitively.

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