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Top Polished Cut Base Sunstone Point

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Top Polished Cut Base Sunstone Point

The gemstone Sunstone is a type of feldspar and so it displays beautiful copper flashes and sparkles. It can also contain Hematite and Geothite.

It is known as the stone of joy.

Sunstone carries the light of the sun bringing warmth and strength and has an uplifting energy that promotes happiness, good nature and an enthusiasm for life.

It inspires leadership and clear thinking and is especially helpful to those who have difficulty saying no to others. It helps you to find your personal power.

Sunstone is also said to be highly effective in cleansing auras and chakras.

A beautiful top polished (the bottom half is raw) cut base Sunstone point.

Approximately 60mm x 40mm x 50mm, 113g.

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