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Green Mica/Fuchsite Towers

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Green Mica/Fuchsite Towers

Fuchsite is a sparkling green variety of Muscovite, with Chromium giving it the distinctive colour. 

The colour ranges from a pale, silvery shade to a deeper green that lifts and revives the spirits. The more Chromium present, the deeper the green.

This green sparkle is what gives Green Aventurine the green glittering appearance.

Healers have traditionally associated this crystal with nature and energy, calling it the 'Healer Stone'.  

Fuchsite is said to increase the energy of other crystals and is said to help in the transfer of their energy.

It also stimulates the mind and aids with problem solving.  It helps to bring a new perspective and promotes understanding and forgiveness.

Fuchsite brings joy and laughter and helps us to realign with the natural world and appreciate the magic in life.

I have two beautiful Green Mica/Fuschite towers available.  As they are so similar in size (80mm) and weight (52-56g), each one will be chosen intuitively.

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