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Dalmatian Jasper Tower

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Dalmatian Jasper Tower

Dalmatian Jasper is also known as Dalmatian Stone or Dalmatian.  It gets its name from its spotted appearance, resembling the markings of the breed of dog known as Dalmatian.

The dark spots within Dalmatian Jasper are caused by Black Tourmaline deposits, which adds the energy of spiritual grounding and psychic protection to this stone.  

Being a stone of protection that dispels negativity, Dalmatian Jasper a popular choice for sufferers of nightmares.

Dalmatian Jasper has a supportive and calming energy.  It can help you towards greater self-awareness and in recognising your strengths and weaknesses. It brings us strength and determination when we need it.

It also has the added benefit of encouraging us to realise the joys in our everyday lives, promoting positivity and happiness.

Approximately 115mmx 25mm x 25mm, 108g.

Each tower will be chosen intuitively.

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