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Motherhood Crystals Gift Set

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Motherhood Crystals Gift Set

I have curated this collection of beautiful crystals with MOTHERHOOD in mind.  

A perfect gift for any occasion, particularly Mother's Day or for a mum to be.

Each gift set includes:

1 x 'High Grade' Rose Quartz tumblestone:

The stone of unconditional love and devotion, promoting motherly instincts and symbolising a bond between mother and child.  Rose Quartz has a nurturing and gentle energy that transforms negative energy into loving vibrations.

1 x 'High Grade' Rainbow Moonstone polished tumblestone: 

Known as the 'goddess stone', throughout history, Moonstone has been connected to having a motherly and nurturing spirit.  It is the most feminine stone that aids to facilitate pregnancy and childbirth.  Moonstone is also connected to our cycles and can bring your body back into hormonal balance.

1 x 'High Grade' raw amethyst cluster (from Brazil):

Amethyst is a calming crystal that promotes peace and tranquility, making it a great birthing aid to have.  Likewise, Amethyst is a spiritual stone that enhances intuition, encouraging spiritual wisdom, awareness and protection; something that every mother needs throughout her motherhood journey.

1 x 'Super Extra' quality raw Aquamarine (from Brazil):

Aquamarine is said to be protective during pregnancy, guarding mother and baby.  Likewise as Aquamarine is a stone of courage with calming energies, it is a wonderful stone to have throughout all stages of motherhood.  It helps Mothers to restore their strength and be balanced. 

1 x 70mm Selenite charging plate:

Selenite allows you to be surrounded with light and love.  It is a soothing crystal that is used for clearing and cleansing.  So not only will the Selenite plate cleanse and charge the crystals that it holds, but it can also be beneficial in bringing calming energies, deep peace and mental clarity.

Each gift set comes with a luxury velvet pouch and a branded gift box.

The crystals you will receive may not be the exact ones in the photograph but they will be very similar in size and weight.

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