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Crystals For Children Tumblestone Set

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Crystals For Children Tumblestone Set

I have curated this collection of beautiful crystals with CHILDREN in mind!  

Each kit includes:

1 x Rose Quartz tumblestone - Promotes self love and love for others.

1 x Lepidolite polished tumblestone - Calms anxiety and aids sensitive children.

1 x Fluorite polished tumblestone - Improves focus and concentration thus aids study.

1 x Smokey Quartz polished tumblestone - Balances moods and emotions whilst offering protection.

1 x Red Jasper polished tumblestoneReduces fatigue and increases stamina.

1 x Citrine polished tumblestone - The sunshine stone - promotes happiness and joy.

1 x Information card.

1 x Holographic storage pouch.

Please note: The crystals within each kit will vary in size and shape to the ones in the photograph. 


Add a piece of Clear Quartz to amplify the healing properties of the crystals.

Add a piece of Selenite to cleanse and charge the crystals.

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