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Celestite Clusters

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Celestite Clusters

Celestite is a strontium sulfate which was first recorded in the 1790's.  It is a fairly soft mineral so it is rarely used for jewellery.  It is in fact the primary ore for strontium which is used in fireworks and pyro as it creates a bright red flame.

Celestite, also known as celestine, is named after the Latin word for 'sky' or 'heaven'. In ancient culture, Celestite was said to be pieces of the sky that had fallen to earth.

Celestite is usually found in a soft blue colour but it can also be found in other colours. It has a high vibration that is excellent to use in meditation.

Celestite is a stone of communication, aiding in clear thought and speech.  It connects us to the angelic realm, accessing guardian angels and it assists in dream recall.  It is a calming stone with a peaceful energy and many emotional healing properties.  It can aid in relieving stress, tension and despair and can also help with creative expression, music and art.

These beautiful and delicate celestite clusters are available in 7 options: 

Set 1:

Option A: 352g.

Option B: 313g.

Option C: 270g.

Option D: 215g.

Set 2:

Option E: 579g.

Option F: 370g.

Option G: 294g.

Please note: The points within the clusters are natural and are not always complete.  This does not detract from the beauty of the stone and it does not mean that it is imperfect.

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