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Carved And Polished Crystal Angel

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Carved And Polished Crystal Angel

The word "Angel" is derived from the ancient Greek Angelos, meaning messenger.

The Guardian Angel symbolises faith as they are a bridge between heaven and earth.

Angels watch over you and protect you. An angel’s love is Devine, perfect and infinite.

Angel carvings can help us through grief, and they can also help children with fear and anxiety, providing a source of reassurance and protection.

These beautiful Angel carvings are the perfect size to carry around with you. They also make a very thoughtful and beautiful gift.

Available in the following options:

Option A: Pyrite

Option B: Rainbow Moonstone

Option C: Clear Quartz

Option D: Rose Quartz

Option E: Garnet

Option F: Amethyst

Option G: Lepidolite

Option H: Angelite

Option I: Green Aventurine

Option J: Labradorite

Option K: Hematite

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