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Carved And Polished Blue Goldstone Cat

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Carved And Polished Blue Goldstone Cat

Goldstone is a gently uplifting stone that promotes vitality, ambition and a positive attitude.

It increases drive and confidence and builds energy and courage.

Blue Goldstone is a man made stone but its sparkle comes from flecks of copper.  Thus in physical healing, it also has the same attributes as copper: 

Copper is a strong conductor of energy and is excellent for using with other crystals. 

It is said to bring good fortune and prosperity and allow abundance to flow freely.  It also dispels negativity and attracts positivity. 

Copper helps to soothe conditions of the joints and reduces stomach complaints that stem from anxiety. 

These beautiful Blue Goldstone cat carvings are a must have for cat lovers and crystal lovers alike!

Approximately 50mm tall.

Please note: Each cat will be chosen intuitively.