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Caribbean Calcite Heart Carvings

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Caribbean Calcite Heart Carvings

Caribbean Calcite is named after its likeness to the Caribbean beaches and it is a new discovery from Pakistan in 2019.

It is a combination of Blue Calcite and white/cream/brown Aragonite. It is relatively expensive because Pakistan is the only known source of it.

Like the beach, Caribbean Calcite has a calm and serene energy.  It has an immediate clearing and cleansing effect that is freeing and uplifting. 

This stone is a powerful stone to use in meditation and self-reflection as it relieves the mind of overthinking, anxiety, worry and stress. It also helps to expand our physic abilities.

Like many other blue stones, Caribbean Calcite also aids communication.

These beautiful Caribbean Calcite heart carvings make the perfect pocket sized crystal. 

Each heart will be chosen intuitively.

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