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Blue Apatite Crystal Christmas Tree Bauble

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Blue Apatite Crystal Christmas Tree Bauble

Apatite is a calcium phosphate mineral that was discovered in the 1990's.  

This crystal is usually seen in yellow, green and blue with blue being the most popular of these colours.

Although the Apatite crystal is found in numerous locations, the blue ones come from Russia, Madagascar, India and Brazil.

Apatite is a relatively soft stone rated only 5 on the Mohs hardness scale and for this reason, it is not often faceted as a gemstone, except for the collectors.

Blue Apatite can also be used in the manufacturing sector, usually in the production of steel and plasma TV screens. And it can be used to add fluoride to water. Because this mineral is notably non-radioactive, Blue Apatite can also be used in removing radioactive contamination from groundwater.

Blue Apatite is also associated with animal conservation. Since it is composed of mineral phosphate which makes up the bones and teeth of all vertebrate animals as well as their antlers, tusks or horns, it is often used for bone repair research as well as in dental implants.  

Blue Apatite is a deeply spiritual crystal that helps to manifest and deepen meditation.  It offers intense cleansing to your aura and heals and cleanses the mental and emotional body.

Its vibrations are associated with paranormal capabilities, helping you to develop physic gifts and spiritual attunement. It also works to improve the connection between past and future lives.

Blue Apatite is a high motivational crystal. It promotes ambition and independence and enhances creativity.

Also, being a blue stone, Blue Apatite is connected to the Throat Chakra and assists with communication and self-expression, allowing you to speak your truth.

Blue Apatite is also said to be an appetite suppressant, thus helping with weight loss.

A clear plastic bauble filled with Blue Apatite crystal chips and finished with a luxury velvet ribbon tie.

These beautiful crystal baubles are sure to add a touch of elegance to your Christmas tree.

Approximately 60mm.

The price is for a single bauble.

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