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African Bloodstone Beaded Bracelet

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African Bloodstone Beaded Bracelet

African Bloodstone is a form of Chalcedony and Jasper, also known as Seftonite. It is an opaque to translucent green in colour with mottled red and dark green inclusions.

It is a grounding and protective stone that provides support and stability when in need of emotional centering and calming.

African Bloodstone is also an energy cleanser and immune system stimulator, which makes it ideal for dealing with acute infections, especially those arising from minor wounds or injuries. 

It can be used to detoxify and heal the physical body, particularly of blood disorders and liver problems. 

Bloodstone is also said to revitalise love and relationships.

African Bloodstone opens, activates, and heals the Root Chakra.

1 x Bloodstone (8mm) beaded bracelet, complete with organza pouch.

Approximately 50-55mm inside diameter before being stretched.

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