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Black Obsidian Mini Towers

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Black Obsidian Mini Towers

Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass formed after eruptions and comes in a few different forms.  

The use of Obsidian dates back to stone age and it has been used for thousands of years since in weaponry and rituals.

Black obsidian is truth-enhancing, strongly protective stone.

It absorbs negative energies from the environment and forms a shield against it whilst blocking any psychic attack.

Black obsidian stimulates growth on all levels. It dissolves emotional blockages, brings clarity to the mind and clears confusion.

The energy of a tower is directed upward and out. Wherever they are placed, they emit a very focused and directional energy that affects the area around it, as well as any other crystals that are nearby.  Crystal towers are excellent to use in the centre of a grid to focus its intention and energy.

There are 6 options available:

Option A: 87mm x 30mm 25mm, 83g

Option B: 80mm x 27mm x 25mm, 75g

Option C: 84mm x 25mm x 25mm, 68g

Option D: 77mm x 27mm x 25mm, 67g

Option E: 70mm x 26mm x 25mm, 59g

Option F: 77mm x 25mm 23mm, 55g

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