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4-6 Carat Oval Cut Amethyst Sterling Silver Ring

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4-6 Carat Pear Cut Amethyst Sterling Silver Ring

Amethyst forms as a result of volcanic processes within the Earth’s crust and is a purple variety of quartz. 

Since Victorian times, amethyst has been prized for its beautiful purple colour and is still one of the most sought after semi-precious gemstones.

Amethyst first became known as a crystal of protection against drinking alcohol and addiction.  The Greeks used amethyst as a talisman against drunkenness.

Amethyst is a master healer and a natural tranquiliser.  It brings calm, balance and peace.  It is an excellent stone for meditation and spirituality.

Amethyst is great to have by your bedside if you are a sufferer of nightmares and/or insomnia.

This stunning adjustable Sterling Silver ring is of superior quality and features a majestic 4-6 Carat oval cut, faceted Amethyst, which dazzles beautifully from its claw setting. 

Complete with a branded jewellery box.

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