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Extra Large 34.8 KG Rose Quartz Boulder On Stand

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Extra Large 34.8 KG Rose Quartz Boulder On Stand

Rose Quartz is considered to be one of the most beautiful of all natural gemstones. It is known as the 'love stone' and most commonly occurs in its natural form of chunky masses rather than as crystals.

According to Greek legend, rose quartz was formed when Ares (god of war) attacked Aphrodite's (goddess of love) lover Adonis and their blood stained white quartz pink, creating rose quartz.

The Egyptians believed that rose quartz improved the complexion and helped to prevent ageing.  It is said that the Egyptian goddess Isis used rose quartz to maintain her beauty and youth and rose quartz face masks have been found in Egyptian tombs.

Rose Quartz is a stone of love with a very soft and feminine energy.  It creates a calm atmosphere and dispels negativity. 

Rose Quartz promotes self healing, self worth and forgiveness whilst restoring trust and harmony.

A supremely beautiful, extra large, one off statement piece.

Approximately 60cm tall (including the base) x 32cm wide x 23cm deep, Weight 34.8kg (excluding stand).

This item requires a pallet delivery.

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