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Gold Plated Raw Green Amethyst Simple Band Ring

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Gold Plated Raw Green Amethyst Simple Band Ring

Green Amethyst is a light green coloured Quartz that is also known as Prasiolite. 

Prasiolite is rarely natural and is often heat treated Amethyst.

Green Amethyst is a highly spiritual stone with gentle healing properties and low vibrations. However, the power of this stone is immense and could impact an individual emotionally, physically, metaphysically, and spiritually.

Green Amethyst is a stone that links, integrates and balances the higher and lower aspects of being. It awakens the heart to the frequency of love and compassion and enhances the connection to all things. 

Green Amethyst helps one to act on higher guidance and follow ones heart upon the path of spirit. It opens the crown and third eye chakras and stimulates inner vision and wisdom. 

Green Amethyst can be used to treat disorders of the lungs, thymus and heart and is also useful post healing, assisting the body to detoxify.

A beautiful and adjustable, gold plated raw green Amethyst (in a fancy claw setting) simple band ring.

The plating process used in these bracelets is called Galvanoplasty.  This is an electrochemical process that consists of coating a metallic base with gold or silver layers through electrodeposition. This method is done only on the metal bases of the products, before placing the stones and serves to increase the durability of the article and give a high quality finish.

The rings have a brass base covered with noble metals (gold or silver), giving it a finishing similar to fine jewellery.

This is the best quality plating on the market, free of cadmium, lead and other heavy metals, using 18k gold in a layer of 10 thousandths or 1000 silver in a layer of 30 thousandths, ensuring excellent durability and great finish. This entire process guarantees a product of high quality and very resistant.

Each ring will be chosen intuitively.

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